Shopping procedure

Shopping procedure

We built our e-shop to make the orders easy for every customer.


1. First of all, it is necessary to find the goods, which you are interesting in. There are 2 methods. First, you can go through our menu of categories with using the field on the left side of  screen. You get to the goods by gradual clicking. There is an  information about the category by every product for better orientation and navigation. The second method, how  to look for and to  find the goods, is  by using the finder. You put the name of goods to this field only.


2. If you want to put the goods to the shopping basket, click to the button „buy“. If it isn´t necessary to select the others properties of goods, the goods will appear directly in the shopping basket. You can choose from 3 sizes of package, if the product has this possibility in the detail´s scheme. You can continue with shopping, if you choose another category or click on the button „back“.


3. If you  have already choosen the goods and shifted it  into the shopping basket, click on the link label on the banner „Basket“ with the button „Cash desk“. You will see the list of goods, which you have  selected before. You can change the quantity of goods or completely reject some goods here. The change of quantity you will re-write in the column „pcs“ by your hand. If you want to delete some goods from your shopping basket, mark the product in the small window before each item and in the bottom of this list click on the button „Delete marked items“. After your checking, click on the button with two darts „Recount“.


4. Then you continue with filling of the form, where you type the contact address, if it isn´t the same as your  delivery address. If you agree with business conditions of our e-shop, click on the button „Continue“.


5.The next step is choosing the method of payment (cash on delivery  = C.O.D., advance bank transfer, personal taking) and  the method of transport. If you don´t choose the personal picking up, there is only one possibility of transport – by UPS. As soon as you choose it, click the button „Continue“.


6. The last step is completely checking the order before sending and clicking the button „Finish the order“. You can print your order after  sending as well – click the button „ Print the order“.