System of claims

  We will carry out all relevant claims with coordination of valid Czech laws. Minimum warranty for goods, unless specified otherwise, is 2 years in compliance with the Czech law.   Claim for use the warranty can be... More

Protection of personal dates

  Protection of personal dates     We need to know some of your personal dates to be able to offer you our service.  We respect yourprivacy, so we do our best to minimalize these dates. We secure your dates... More

Rule of service

  1. The operator of internet shop on web-page: www.glass-kingdom.cz  is the company Matura Beads Ltd., based Pencin, Bratrikov 47, 468 21 Bratrikov, Czech Republic. The company is registered at  the Municipal Court in... More


1. Price and VAT rate

     All  prices of products are charged with 20% VAT. This price is stated at each product and it is graphically highlighted.


Customers inside the European Union:

     There is the price without VAT for the customers, who are taxpayers.


Customers outside the European Union:    

     The goods will be charged without VAT for all customers.


     We offer a discount 5% for all our retail customers after registration in our online store. We will inform you about your discount by e-mail.


2. Order of goods

a) You can order the goods by the order form in our e/shop

b) You can order the goods by our e-mail  info@glass-kingdom.cz

c) You can order the goods by telephone – our number is  +420 483 397 634 or by fax – our number is +420 483 397 733


3. Transporting and packing goods (shipping and handling)

a) we don´t charge the fee of shipping and handling by standard order. If custmer has some special demand of packing, we will charge some fee after mutual agreement.

b) we send the goods by courier UPS and the shipping-charges are according to the valid price list in this tab (the prices of shipping are without VAT) :



c) the goods can be picked up personally in the location  of our company:


Matura Beads Ltd.

Pěnčín, Bratříkov 47

468 22 Železný Brod

Czech Republic


4. Method of payment

     You can choose the method of payment:

a) payment by wire transfer in advance on the bank account of the company Matura Beads Ltd. – number of account is 

IBAN: DE47 8559 0100 4558 2299 05



b) Cash on delivery – this possibility of payment is only by order in Czech Republic


c) payment by cash – only by personally picking up of goods at  the location of company Matura Beads Ltd.


d) payment on invoice – only wholesalers can get the goods  and pay the invoice with due date 14 days


5. Terms of delivery

     We do our best to ship  the goods after receipt of the purchase order in the shortest time possible till 24 hours. If you pay the goods by wire  transfer in advance, we send the goods as soon as we have the money on the account of company Matura Beads Ltd.


6. Availibility of goods

     All goods which we offer in our e-shop, are  in stock. There is the stock quantity by each product. This quantity is next the green pictogram drawn-up thumb. In the case that the order goods are not in  stock (e.g. was sold in the workplace Matura Beads Ltd. in the same time), we inform our customers always by phone about the change of quantity. In this case, the customer has right to cancel the order.